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ministry distinctive: christian leadership

My goal in pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary was to further equip myself for ministry. Having served with the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ for over seven years full-time, and thirteen years cumulatively, I have been blessed with a great deal of training and ministry experience. After my time with Cru, I have been serving as women’s pastor in a local church for the past 8 years. Luke 12:48, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more,” became a reality in my life. Several years ago, I knew I was missing the on-going training and equipping that Cru provided, but I was also feeling more and more less equipped to do my job. This opportunity with DTS launching a mobile seminary in Nashville was an answer to prayer for me to put more tools in my tool box. The combination of courses offered in Biblical Exposition and Systematic Theology appealed to me because they would provide the theological foundation I felt I was lacking in leading and shepherding others.

overall reflection

For my competence in Christian Leadership, I am submitting additional artifacts that demonstrate the biblical and theological knowledge and skills I have gained. One of the things I have enjoyed the most is working through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the biblical exposition courses. I am grateful to have learned how to chart the structure and themes of a book and trace the argument of a book. I have grown in my ability to evaluate biblical-historical foundations for theology and communicate those to others through the systematic theology course work. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to develop these skills that will help me as I shepherd others, whether in full-time ministry or not, and as I continue to seek knowing Him more for the rest of my life.

artifacts with descriptions

Old Testament Timeline: The purpose of this project was to create an organized, helpful and aesthetically pleasing timeline of Old Testament Kings and Prophets. (BE103)


Doctrinal Statement: Systematic theology studies include a required synthesis of a doctrinal statement. This is an example from coursework in eschatology. (ST106)


Critical Response: For studies related to sanctification, this is a response and analysis of Howard Schultz’s Onward (ST105)


Galatians Argument: This paper was within Bible exposition coursework for the New Testament. It is intended to demonstrate a comprehensive ability to outline and explain how the contents of the book relate to its purpose. (BE106)


Analysis Paper:  As part of Old Testament Bible exposition studies, this paper was a biblical and historical analysis of the Peace Offering. (BE102)


Course Integration Paper: Summary of the major themes from a Pastoral Ministry course and how they integrate into the quest for the spiritual life. (PM101)


Retreat Plan Group Project: As part of an Outdoor Ministry Class, we were tasked with planning a retreat or camp that one of us would implement in the coming year. Our group chose the women's retreat that I lead. (EML420)


Personal Leadership Development Plan: A personal plan of growth that includes describing my giftedness and calling as well as my personal ministry vision and goals to develop toward them. (SL305)


Personal Statement on Christian Leadership: A personal statement of Christian leadership from synthesizing my biblical study of leaders and addressing topics of character, integrity, servanthood, relationships, and vision. (SL305)


Expositional Paper of Hebrews: As part of a New Testament course, this paper explains the interpretive issue of the New Covenant in the Book of Hebrews and identifies the major views or solutions proposed. (BE107)


learning reflection

As I developed and demonstrated biblical exposition, systematic theology and Christian leadership in other areas of my degree and ministry experience, I have learned that I am an artist, creator, designer, developer. I have learned that I have not been communicating the gospel in the best way I know how. I have learned that I need to re-evaluate how I am to communicate Biblical and theological truths in a way that best reflects how God designed me. I am grateful for the process that the internship program has taken me through to allow me to explore what this could look like for me personally and professionally.

lifelong development

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop my competency in Christian leadership by working out of the way God designed me and helping others to do the same. I look forward to opportunities to merge the biblical and theological knowledge entrusted to me with creativity, hospitality and practical life skills all while teaching and equipping others to work out of who God design them to be. I look forward to seeing how my education will come into play as I return to teaching the Biblical Womanhood Bootcamp and how all of these things will fit together as I move toward fitting who I am together with what I have learned.

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