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I am Jenny Rone – an artist, designer, creator, implementer. But if your mind first went to painting and sculpting, let me redirect your thinking. I do those things but I am a “dirty artist.” I consider cooking and gardening as some of my favorite methods of artistic expression. Throw in some writing, sewing and re-purposing and I just like giving new life to things.

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I finished a Master of Art in Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary in August of 2017. This portfolio contains highlights of my graduate studies work and internship goals and served as my final requirement for graduation. The last year of seminary sent me on a journey to discover more about how I worship and do ministry out of my artistic and creative side. Currently, I am exploring the possibility of making one of my ideas a reality. To find out more, click on The Creative Cafe page under Servant Leadership. Please enjoy browsing through these pieces that have been instrumental in growing me closer to my Lord and Savior. I pray they will do the same for you.

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