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I'm an artist, a creator, a designer, a crafter. I love to invent, improve, repurpose, re-energize, inspire.

- KY farm-girl to the core - I can't ignore where I came from

- outdoor adventurer - ref. I grew up on a farm

- avid gardener - aka: farm-girl!

- world traveler - seen a lot and looking forward to more

- lover of learning - so you will often find me teaching, too

- wife to David since July 22, 2018

- mother to Everett, who was with us only a short time

- have walked through child loss, miscarriage and infertility

- mother to Shiloh, our 2022 Valentine's Baby

- love my family and friends

- former atheist

- committed my life to follow and serve Jesus - still in process

- classic first-born and over-achiever

- recovering perfectionist - step one: admit I have a problem

- grateful for the grace of God through Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:8-9)

about me

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